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2 Can Piracy be morally justified if its trickle down effect significantly benefits the surrounding towns and cities economies?

3Although the strong trickle down effect from the massive ransom payments can significantly improve the Somalia coast community, the ill moral and negative aspects of piracy are far too huge to ignore and considerable overshadow the positive, leading to piracy not being an over all morally justifiable act.

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6 -if the problem of piracy does not reach a solution soon it will only continue to worsen.

-the poverty stricken Somalia coast areas look to piracy ransom money for up to 50% of their economic stimulation.

- the threat of piracy skews international trade routes forcing companies to take more expensive alternate paths.

7 - the total costs of Piracy in Somalia in 2011 was 6.9 billion dollars. *6

- the top three expenses in dealing with piracy are the required increased travel speed, tactical military operations, and security guards and equipment.

Making up 39.5% 18.55% and 16.94% respectively.

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-there were a record 237 attacks during 2011, up from 2010s 212 attacks.

- average ransom rose to 4.97 million in 2011 from 4 million in 2010

- *8

- Ransoms have been seen to have a developmental effect on Somalia